Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TBR - August

My plan for August is to fit as much reading in as possible before school starts at the end of the month. I also want to read all of Jane Austen’s books this month.
1) Sense and Sensibility
2) Emma
3) Pride and Prejudice
4) Mansfield Park
5) Northanger Abbey
6) Persuasion
(these are maybes)
7) Seraphina - Rachel Hartman
8) Eldest -Christopher Paolini
9) Body Farm - Patricia Cornwell
10) Irish American History - Jay Dolen (I’m already 1/2 done with this one)

July Flashback - 8 books

In July I read 8 books! I spent a whole week on the beach which help quite a bit.

1) The Confessions of Fitzwilliam Darcy - Mary Smith 
     Rating 5/5 - I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would. I had picked it up once before and never finished it which was a BIG mistake. I could not put this book down once I started it. I did not enjoy it quite as much as I did Mr. Darcy's Diary but it still was an easy fun read. While this book sticks to the P&P storyline, it also gives a fresh view from Mr. Darcy's side.

2) Deadly Decisions - Kathy Reichs
    Rating 3/5 - This is the third in the Temperance Brennen series and I liked the first two book very much. This book was just not as good in my opinion. I found all of the names of the biker games to  confusing. I thought that would go away as the novel went on but it did not really. I like how Brennen talks to herself. It is one of the things that makes her seem more human. Sometimes authors make their characters easy to relate to but not human and I think Brennen is both.

3) Thirst - Christopher Pike
Rating 2/5 - This book was ok at best. I have serious issues with it that make me almost hate it. This novel actually contains 3 different stories all relating to the same character. Sita is a vampire but not in the conventional sense. There are so many issues. She is an invincible being that happens to drink blood sometimes more than a vampire. She tells the readers all about herself and her abilities but it is almost unbelievable and annoying. So often Sita was way too perfect. She is so smart and so strong that I could not relate to her difficulties. Her romances were....I don't know how else to say it but her romances were stupid and she is more manipulative than she is in love. I have the next three books and I'm planning on reading them if only because I own them.

4) (reread) Eragon -Christopher Paolini
Rating 4/5 - I love this book. I just love it because it has magic and its fun and easy to read. I love reading it and my copy is falling apart. I know a lot of people have issues with the plot of this series but I just enjoy it for what it is and don't let it bother me.
5) 1066 and all that - W.C. Seller
Rating 3/5. - You need a thorough knowledge of English history since 1066 to get all of the jokes in this book. I got some of them. I got more as the time progressed. I liked all the jokes but if you aren't clear on a certain part of English history there are no hints to help you along. I liked it but it was slightly annoying.

6) Hangman’s Daughter -
Rating  4/5 - This book was kind of dark. It involved torture, witches and murder and I loved every minute of it. I had a few issues with the book but mostly it was a great page turner. I was at the beach when I read it and I did not take this book out on the beach only because a lot of the names in this book are very similar so its easy to mix them up. The characters in this book are amazing! The hangman is an awesome guy. I loved trying to figure out this mystery with the hangman, Simon and the hangman's daughter. This was the best book I read this month. The only other issue I had with the book was that I thought the book could have been 3/4 of the length and some points were repeated too often but those are minor details when compared with how awesome the characters were.

7) Fatal Voyage - Kathy Reichs
Rating 4/5 - This is the fourth book in the Temperance Brennan series. This book was much more interesting than the third book in this series. I love following the emotions of this character! The thrill of this book was just amazing. As I read I kept thinking how is she going to get out of this! but she did and Brennan fights to find the truth. The characters are great and I love the descriptions of the air plane crash. The book goes fast and keeps you turning the pages!

8) Hush Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick
Rating 4/5 - I heard a really bad review of this book right before I read it but I actually enjoyed this book very much. Patch is dangerous and mysterious but he is thrilling as well. Patch was easily the best character in this book. Nora is well, she's dumb, and she reminds me of Bella which disappoints me because I wanted to love this book with no flaws and all my heart but that Twilight reference was nagging at me throughout the book. She isn't academically dumb but has a reason to be cautious with strangers and SHE IGNORES IT! That was easily the most annoying thing about this book. I loved this book but I had major issues with it. My love for Patch and his sexy smile is the only reason it gets this score.