Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top Ten Book Characters I Would Name a Pet After

This week on Top Ten Tuesday the Broke and the Bookish ladies have come up with a really fun topic. Which fictional characters would you name a pet/car/child after? I decided to reduce the pressure from child to just pet. I can't imagine naming a person right now, but I can handle a pet. Some of these are quite serious while others may just be for fun.

1) The Dread Pirate Roberts (The Princess Bride) - Obviously I would need to make a nickname for pet if I named them this. I do love it when people name their pets after distinctive characters. The Dread Pirate Roberts is iconic. I could call him Wesley for short?

2) Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) - Of course I would name a dog after Mr. Darcy! He would probably be all aloof but, hopefully, love me a lot despite of my poor circumstances. Plus it is short and I think that is important for pets' names.

3) Blue (The Raven Cycle) - All my life we've hard female pets so me naming two male characters is a little weird. However, if I had a dog to name right now I would call her Blue after one of my favorite characters ever. Blue Sargent is awesome and I want to be half as amazing as she is.

4)Kate (The Kate Daniels Series) - Though I would hope my pet wouldn't be as adept at violence as Kate is, I think I could name a pet defender after a great warrior like Kate. This girl is kick ass. My dog will probably be Grendal though. (Daniels Series jokes abound)

5) Ghost (The Song of Ice and Fire) - Who doesn't want a giant white wolf as a best friend?

6) Puck (The Scorpio Races) - I love this character's name and I love her. I could definitely name a pet after her.

7) Tempe (Temperance Brennen Novels/Bones TV Show) - Bones has been one of my favorite shows for a long time and I've been watching it for as long as I can remember. Of course I would love to name a pet after the main character of the series.

8) Abby (Sleepy Hollow) - Though Sleepy Hollow has betrayed me and I consider it dead to me, I still love Abby Mills. She's a great character and I will not get on my soap box about this show. Basically I would love to have Abby on my side in a fight, but this is as close as I can get.

9) Lady "Newt" Truthful (Newt's Emerald) - Again I just love this character and would love to have a cat climbing around my house named Lady Truthful. But I could exclaim "Newt! Not again!" when it breaks something.

10) Pounce (Tortall Series/Universe) - Pounce is a cat who I love dearly and really helps Beka throughout her journey. Love him and if I ever have a black cat, I'd love to name it after such a loyal kitty.

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  1. Great list! I especially loved the Dread Pirate Roberts! He would definitely need a nickname but those would be some fun visits to the vet.

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  3. I went with Darcy too!...for a cat. Puck sounds like a nice name, though I think I'd give it to a parrot.:)

  4. Would love to name a dog Ghost. It sounds so cool! Great Top Ten :D My Top Ten Tuesday!

  5. Great list! I almost had Darcy on my list as well but at the last minute went with another Austen character instead, Emma. I think Blue would be such a cool name for a dog too :)

  6. I LOVE the idea of naming your pet The Dread Pirate Roberts! Darcy and Blue are great too. As a Kate though, I have to disagree that it's a good name for a dog... lol :) Pounce is kind of a perfect name for a kitty cat!

  7. My brother and I actually named our second dog Westley from The Princess Bride! He was the most wonderful dog <3