Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My Ten Halloweenish/Spooky TV Episodes

Last year I wanted to put together a list of my favorite Halloween movies and episodes. I've done a little better this year and actually gotten together a few of my favorites! Before we jump into the best single episodes, I would recommend any of the episodes in the first season of Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow or Buffy like I mentioned yesterday in my Top Ten Tuesday post. Many of these episodes are stand alones and don't have season long story arcs. Supernatural especially is dark and spooky in the early episodes when we are just hunting monsters. Sleepy Hollow is very Halloween appropriate since its all about the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane. Everyone knows Buffy is excellent, but a reminder never hurt! Anyway lets jump into my favorites.

We start with the best of the best! 

Mummy in the Maze (Bones Season 3, Episode 5) The discovery of two mummified girls has Booth and Bones checking a fun house, a Halloween maze and a church charity for clues that may lead them to a missing girl whose parents believe she's dead.

This episode is great for so many reasons including that Rider Strong makes an appearance as one of the murder suspects! Also the whole team is decked out for Halloween which is quite funny while they try to solve a grisly murder. This is my favorite Bones episode of all time as well as a great themed episode.

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Next up are two X-Files Episodes from Season One.

Ice (Season 1, Episode 8) Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate when a team of geophysicists stationed at a remote Alaskan outpost are killed by a parasitic alien life form.

This episode was on of the freakiest ones and it happened so early on. I feel like Season 1 of the X-Files is a test of how much you can take before you break. This one almost broke my limits. There is a psychological thriller element as well as real danger for the characters. It is also rather gross at times.

Darkness Falls (Season 1, Episode 20)  A group of loggers working in a remote forest unearths thousands of deadly insectlike creatures that paralyze and cocoon their victims.

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Even though subconsciously I knew there were many more seasons of this show, it was really hard for me to believe Mulder and Scully were both going to make it out of this episode. The enemy is hard to see and hard to fight. It made it hard to turn out the lights! 

and one X-Files episode from later

Post-Modern Prometheus (Season 5, Episode 5) -While investigating the appearance of a freakish creature in a rural town the agents uncover a dangerous genetic experiment that has spun wildly out of control.

This episode is 1000x more fun than the other two I mentioned. The entire episode pokes fun at the two FBI agents and their usual X-File investigation. The episode is inspired by Frankenstein and you cannot find a story more Halloweenish than that! The whole episode is shot in black and white as well which adds a haunting touch.

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Charmed, of course, has an excellent Halloween Episode

All Halliwell's Eve (Charmed Season 3, Episode 4) - The sisters are sent back in time on Halloween to save a baby from being born into the clutches of evil. Meanwhile, Leo and Darryl are left to keep the grimlocks at bay until the sisters return.

Charmed has been one of my favorite television shows for years. I really need to start a rewatch but this episode is great to watch each fall. The sisters are literally sent back in time to Salem to help save one of their ancestors. Its full of witchy magic and fun Halloween references.

This is a small collection of my favorites from some of my absolute favorite shows. I hope until next year I'll have some more to share! Let me know if you have any suggestions for what I should watch leading up to Halloween!

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