Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Other Places to Find Me

So over the past few weeks I've added a few more followers across many of my social media platforms. New subscribers, new follows and new friends! If you are looking for me on other social media platforms, you've come to the right place.

Over the past year or so I've added a few different social media accounts for this blog. Also since I never had a good list of the ones I was already using, I decided to make this post. Here is a complete list of all the social media sites I use for Keep Calm With Books and Coffee

1) Litsy (Username: KeepCalmWithBooksAndCoffee)

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Right now this is my favorite bookish app. It is easy and fun. I like the easy review system. I post most frequently on this site. While my reviews aren't detailed when I post them here, they are my most immediate thoughts. This app is fairly new and still growing. I'm always looking for more people to follow here. Let me know if you are on Litsy!

2) Twitter (Username: KCWB_C)

If you want to see my day to day thoughts about the books I'm reading or what I'm doing right now check out twitter! While I do post on twitter often, I go through droughts too. Twitter is where I go to keep up with the community and find out news about recent events. I also post links to my posts and videos.

3) Youtube (My Channel)

You've probably seen my Youtube videos posted here every week. I post Mondays and Thursdays. Occasionally I miss posting the videos here, but most of them are available here on the blog. Most of the content on Youtube is wrap ups, hauls, tags or discussion videos. Most reviews are on the blog. Check out my latest haul for a sample!

4) Goodreads (My Profile)

Of course you probably know what happens on Goodreads! I cross post reviews on Goodreads from here so you can see them both places. I also have a Reading Challenge going over there!

5) Instagram (Username: kcwb_c)

As of this moment, Instagram is my least used social media. I try to post on here, but I can't live up to the excellent photography of bookstagrammers. So don't expect too much! (Haha) However, I do try to keep up with what I'm reading and other book related stuff.

Please let me know if you post or vlog from any of these sites! I'm always looking for new people to follow.

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