Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top Ten Characters Who I Didn't Expect to Like

This Top Ten Tuesday is a very cool post that is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish every Tuesday. This week is a bit open ended. I've decided on the Top Ten Characters Who I Didn't Expect to Like. Most of these I ended up loving too!

1) Juliet - Shatter Me Series: I was unconvinced by Juliet in the first book of this series. She is a bit over the top at times and can be hard to sympathize with. However, after reading this entire series, I have fallen in love with her and her journey. The Shatter Me series has become one of my favorite reads of this year and Warner could be on this list as well!!

2) Tris Prior- Divergent: I wasn't immediately in love with Tris! I had such high expectations for this book and Tris was different than I thought she was going to be based on what people were saying about her. It put me off a little bit in the beginning. What changed my mind was how much Tris changed, how she grew, once she decided which faction she was going to live with. I quickly warmed up to her as the book went on and we learned more about her.

3) Lola - Lola and the Boy Next Door: I didn't expect to like Lola as much as I liked Anna from the first of Stephanie Perkins' books. I am still partial to Anna, but Lola was quirky and fun which quickly stole my heart. Her story is just as cute and romantic as Anna's with the added bonus of seeing Anna again! Lola is also hilarious which is one of the things that quickly got me on her side.

4) Tris - Circle of Magic/Circle Opens Series - Tris is very hard to like when you first meet her. She has some very good reasons for being hard to like, but as these series go on she really grows and develops. Her story is Shatterglass is actually my favorite in that series.

5) Jace - City of Bones: Jace is a jerk at the beginning of this series and I didn't like him for a while! I know he was like the obvious love interest, but I wasn't convinced by him at first. I think it was only after he saves Clary several times and they invaded the Vampire Hotel that I really started to like his character. There is a moment in City of Glass that really turns Jace around for me as well because before then his whining can be a tab frustrating!

6) Ronan Lynch - The Raven Cycle: I never expected to like Ronan after the brutish way he behaved in The Raven Boys, but when I learned more about him, I love him. He is complex and interesting and has very very cool abilities. I cannot wait to see how his story plays out in the next book! (which there is going to be news about on Thursday!!)

7) Jason Grace- Heros of Olympus: After Percy Jackson, I never thought I would like another half-blood leader character. This is a lot like how I felt about Lola. I like Jason now, after four books, but he still isn't my favorite half-blood. I can't wait to see what he does in the final book of the series.

8) Elliot North - For Darkness Shows the Stars: I love Persuasion and I was convinced I would never like a retelling's main character as much as I love Anne. I was wrong! I love Elliot so much. She turned out to be a great character that really captures the spirit of Anne, but also changes her for the better.

9) Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones: I didn't know Dany existed when the books started, but I didn't expect to like her once she was introduced. I thought she seemed weak and stupid because of her brother. Later when some of her true colors start to shine through, I just love her character so much.

10) Kyler - Frigid: I think it is really easy to make a guy in a romance focused book overly macho or over the top with pining for the girl. After reading the synopsis, I was convinced Kyler was going to be one of those two. He actually turned out to very well balanced and I ended up really liking this book. It was one of my first new adult reads and I'm interested to see what is coming out as the next book.

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