Friday, October 11, 2013

Bookish Five Friday (4)- Book Worlds

I think everyone has a favorite alternate world they love slipping into after a long day of work or school. I know I have several that I love to explore. Whether you like fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, adventure, mysteries or contemporary, any book takes you to a world where certain rules don't apply. I love to use my imagination to examine the amazing possibilities which can be explored in a world that is fictional! These are just some of my favorites.

1) The Wizarding World - Harry Potter was one of the first books I remember pretending to live in and wanting to be a part of. Just knowing that JK. Rowling has more of this world mapped out in her imagination, and she hasn't shared, sometimes drives me crazy. I would devour anything she wrote pertaining to magic.

2) Percy Jackson's Reality - I've had a love of the Greek Gods from a young age and reading about Percy's adventures make me not so secretly with I could go to Camp Half-Blood. Controlling water would be fairly awesome too...

3) Night Circus - If I could travel around in the Night Circus around the world, I think I would be happy forever. I loved the twist on magic in this book and the magical feats in this book are mesmerizing. It would would be fantastical to step inside this story.

4) Shadowhunter World - Even though the Shadowhunter World is also set in present day, I really loved the Infernal Devices. I am a little bit in love with Victorian England too so if I could step back in time that would be really awesome.

5) Vessel - I just finished Vessel by Sarah Beth Durst and I loved it so much! I was enchanted with the dessert world of tradition, freedom and magic. The clans and gods were really interesting and Liyana was one of my favorite heroines that I've read in a long time.

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