Friday, October 4, 2013

Bookish Five Favorites(3)- Series I need to Finish

This week I've been thinking about all the series I've started and loved, but even though I have the books I haven't finished them! I really want to finish as many of these as I can before the end of the year. These are only out of series that I own all the book and are completed. So some of my favorites actually are missing!

1) Castor Chronicles - I have the last two books in this series to read. I really enjoyed Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness so I am very excited to see what happens to Lena and Ethan next!

2) Beka Cooper Series - You all know how much I love Tamora Pierce. Sadly, I am very far behind on reading one of her newest series. I loved Terrier so I cannot wait to jump back into Tortall and finish reading Beka's story.

3) The Heroes of Olympus - I loved the first books The Lost Hero. I cannot wait to read Son of Neptune and I've already pre-ordered House of Hades so I'm ready to get caught up.

4) Girl of Nightmares Duology - I love Supernatural so of course I was obsessed with Anna Dressed in Blood and I've heard things only get better.

5) Wolves of Mercy Falls Series - I read Shiver over a year ago so I'm pumped to finally have the other two books in this series to finish it off.

The biggest reason I haven't finished these is because I don't have enough time! As soon as I find the time to read these books, I will be tearing through them.

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