Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day - Favorite Moms in Literature

Today is Mother's Day! In life and in literature I have great moms to turn to when things are tough. When I'm reading books with great mothers, the book is even better. I try to thank my mom every day for the things she does, but I love that we take this day to make it all about the moms and mother figures in our lives. I've found some moms in books over the years that have been teaching a lot of the same things my own mom did.

1) Every Mom or Grandmother in Harry Potter - These ladies rock the world. They saved the world! Lily, Molly, Mrs. Longbottom, Narcissa, Tonks and so many others in this series just amaze me. I'm crying already just thinking about all these Moms do in this series. 

2) Mrs. Bennet - I know! I know. Mrs. Bennet is so annoying and she doesn't make her daughters behave. She is a very flawed person. However, she loves all her children and tries very hard to make them happy. (Even though she thinks the only way to happiness is a good marriage.) 

3) Natalie Prior - Mrs. Prior was actually one of my favorite characters in the Divergent Series. She was an amazing lady and her influence was so important to Tris. She made a huge impact on how 

4) Maura Sargent - Maura is a really interesting mom. She tries so hard to protect Blue and keep her from getting involved in danger. However, she doesn't force Blue to stay home and avoid the danger which in my opinion makes her pretty great. She respects her daughter. She's a good Mom and all the ladies of 300 Fox Way are amazing! 

5) Kyoko Honda (Fruits Baskets) - Tohru's mom was such an important character in this series even though she passed away before the series even started. Plus I think she took such amazing care of Tohru. She is a great mom and Tohru's memories of her are so strong. 

Happy Mother's Day!! Go give your mom a hug!

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