Monday, May 11, 2015

Three Reasons Why You Should Read The Abhorsen Trilogy and #SabrielDay

Last summer my best friend introduced me to the Abhorsen Series by Garth Nix. She begged me to read it after she learned I had missed out on it as a teen. When I picked up the books, I devoured them! They completely blew me away and I haven't been able to stop talking about them. Since I love this series so much and I rarely see people talk about it, I thought I'd try to convince some people to read it. So here are three reasons why you should check out this series!

Funny story! I actually purchased a copy of the final book , Abhorsen, in middle school unknowingly because I thought the cover was cool. I always thought I would eventually get the other books, but it wasn't a priority to me. I should have made it one! Silly younger me!

It is also #SabrielDay today! It is the 20th Anniversary of the publication of the first book in this series. I did not plan this. It was just a happy coincidence! So go read the book and celebrate this well-loved series!

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