Friday, May 19, 2017

Life Update and My Currently

Should I say oops? Hello? Welcome back? I've missed you? It has been a while since I posted anything here. Its been even longer since I wrote anything to post because I had so many posts scheduled in advance. I don't know if it was laziness or my reading blues that brought me down, but I've been away for a while. I'm writing this exactly a month after my last post went live and I think I'm finally ready to jump back into this.

So what have I been up to for the past few weeks? To give you an idea I'm using an idea from Jamie at Perpetual Pageturner who made a "Currently" post of her own recently. This seemed like a nice easy post to update you all on what I'm up to and an easy post to write after being completely unfocused for so long.

Currently Reading: Just started A Court of Wings and Ruin and I'm working on Traitor's Blade as well.

Currently Listening to on audiobook: Emma by Jane Austen. I failed to finish this for my book club so now I want to finish it before I start our next read. 

Currently Listening to: Panic! at the Disco. I've rediscovered this old favorite for running and it is working out really well. (Get it? Working out.) 

Currently Eating: Chocolate ice cream. Mmmmm

Currently Drinking: Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy - My favorite beer is finally back in season!
Currently Wearing- Anberlin t-shirt and comfy shorts.

Currently Watching- New York Yankees vs. The Kansas City Royals. (Go Yankees!)

Current Netflix Pick- Pokemon Indigo League and Heartland

Currently Looking at: Twitter. It is a mess.

Currently Opened Tabs- All my basics (Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon) and a couple of blogs I'm using for inspiration for this post. (Jamie and Kellie)

Currently on my Library Request List: Avatar, the Last Airbender Comics

Currently on my Overdrive Holds List: American Gods, Norse Mythology and Talking as Fast as I Can.

Currently on my to-buy List - Tale of the Shadowhunter Academy. I've been considering buying this one for ages. Maybe I will commit soon.

Currently Waiting to be Released - One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake. I will continue to be excited for this all year.

Currently adding to my Goodreads TBR - Fruits Baskets Collector's Edition Vol. 12 which I didn't know was missing from my Goodreads until today.

Currently adding to my physical TBR- Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman (most recent purchase)

Currently recommending - Orange: The Complete Collection by Ichigo Takano. This manga series was a balm to my soul when I was in a reading slump.

Currently talking about on the blog -Nothing. I'm working on fixing that!

Currently coveting - All the ice cream in the world. It has finally warmed up and now I have many many ice cream cravings

Currently contemplating - A sad circumstance at my workplace which has made me think of many heavy things.

Currently loving - NPR Podcasts. These have mad me feel less adrift in the sea of news.

Currently learning - There are a lot of books about plants. Doing research for a book event I need to order titles for.

Currently dreaming of - Summer vacation. We hit 90 degrees today and I wish I was at the beach.

Currently looking forward to - A trip to my favorite local dairy where they serve the best ice cream.

Currently musing over - How the reunion scene between Feyre and Rhysand will go.

Currently surprised by - The latest Dancing with the Stars elimination. Still in shock over this a few days later.

Currently procrastinating - Finishing Emma. This audiobook is dragging for me. I only have an hour left. I should try to finish it up.

Currently griping about - Still annoyed Instagram doesn't show me posts in order. This will always annoy me.

Currently need to do -Write a bunch of reviews. I have at least 10 I should work on.

Currently celebrating - Getting through the work week!

Currently feeling - It is a mixed bag today. My life is a little tumultuous right now so it is a lot up and down.

What are you currently doing, reading or thinking about? What's going on in your life? Catch me up to speed!

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