Saturday, February 2, 2013

January in Review

1) Would I Lie to You? - Cecily von Ziegesar

Rating 1/5 

I'm very tired of these stories and after this one I don't think I'm going to be reading anymore of them. The story is repetitive and boring. The characters don't change and they are all very selfish and self-centered. Even characters that I liked in the beginning I loath now. 
 2) Shatterglass - Tamora Pierce
Rating 5/5 
I flew through this book. During this series the four young mages have a fallen into a familiar pattern and each one finds a student that they must learn to teach. This story is all about Tris and I think she is one of the more mysterious and complex characters in the Circle Opens series so I was excited to read her book. After Daja's book I was hoping I would be able to finish this one fast and I absolutely did. The story keeps moving and it feel more like a detective story with more urgency than Daja's book did. I think that is one of the things that wouldn't let me put this book down. Pierce's writing is fabulous as always and she always fits something original into her stories (like the lightening globes that are important in this story) that don't interfere with the world she has already built. I think this is a great conclusion to this series of stories about the four.  

3) Opal - Jennifer Armentrout 
Rating 5/5 
I really enjoy this series so far. It is intense, thing keep happening, but it isn't out of control. I think the tension between Kat and Dawson of course keep things interesting but after this book I see less of the parallels to Twilight than I did in the first book. I like the two of them and their hot and cold relationship is very fun to read. I liked that more characters were involved in this book other than just Dee, Kat and Dawson. The first book I flew through but this one is much longer and I had to spend more time with it. I loved it none the less. I will definitly be reading the third book soon because I need to know what happens next. There is also a prequel out and another book to come I think? 

4) Cause of Death 
5) Eldest 

These last two are rather old popular titles that I read but I don't necessarily think I need to give my thoughts on. Both of them were great though and I will continue to read both series. 

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