Friday, September 27, 2013

Bookish Five Fridays #2 - Places To Read

Welcome to the second week of Bookish Five Friday! This is a weekly post I started to feature my Five Favorites of something book related. This week's theme is favorite places to read! This can be areas in your house, libraries, favorite benches in the park! Wherever you love to read most. 

1) My Couch in My Room - This is my absolute favorite place to read. I have very few distractions and I can always find a comfortable position.

2) Outside- I often read either on my porch or my back deck which can be awesome, but sometimes nature distracts me. Sometimes I read in the local park as well.

3) In my car - If I get somewhere early, I like to wait and read in my car rather than going in and awkwardly standing around. I also just discovered the joys of audiobooks and have been listening to them as I drive.

4) At Work - On my lunch and during breaks I tend to wander around the building and find a comfy space to read. I'm lucky that the building I work in has several areas that well lit and have comfy chairs.

5) In Bed - I like to read in bed because it is comfortable, but I often fall asleep. Its a love/hate relationship. 

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