Friday, September 18, 2015

Mini Reviews - Series Starters

Here I am behind in my reviews, already starting second books in series without writing up my thoughts about book one. I don't want to skip my reviews on these books, but now it’s hard to distinguish each installment in the series. My solution is write up some mini reviews!

Antigoddess by Kendare Blake  

Synopsis: The gods are dying. Athena is sprouting owl feathers and Hermes is wasting away. As they search the world for answers and allies, they come across some familiar faces. While the gods have been on opposite sides of wars before, there was never a fear that some of them would die. 

My Thoughts: Obviously Blake knows her mythology and she uses it. I really enjoyed her take on old myths and the voices she created for the gods. The interpretation is excellent. This first book really hooked me and sets up the series well. I’m pretty sure Blake is going to rip my heart out more than once. The multiple POVs worked really well and the juxtaposition of the gods’ thought processes and the humans’ really made them distinct. Antigoddess feels different than a lot of YA I’ve read. There is a seriousness and maturity I really enjoyed seeing from Blake and I’m excited to see where we go with the rest of this trilogy. 

Rating: 4/5

Storm by Brigid Kemmerer 

Storm (Elemental, #1)

Synopsis: This story follows Becca, a girl dealing with bullying since her ex-boyfriend spread nasty rumors, and Chris, a boy at her school who has his own issues because he has supernatural elemental powers over water. The two of them meet after Becca saves Chris from bullies of his own and the two of them hit it off, but run into trouble because Chris’ family want him to keep his powers a secret.

My Thoughts: This series is a typical paranormal romance series, but it kicks off with a bang and is a lot of fun. I enjoy all the characters. The brotherly dynamics is hilarious and there are a lot of twists along the way. I felt all the emotions during this first book and I’m ready to ship these five brothers with whomever they decide on. This series has already tackled tough topics in this first book and I’ve heard it only get better from here. (I’ve read book two already) I’m just loving this series and I can’t wait for more!

Rating: 3.5/5
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Poldark: Ross Poldark by Winston Graham  
Ross Poldark (Poldark, #1) 

Synopsis: Ross Poldark returns to his native Cornwall, England after a long stint in the American Revolutionary War. Disenchanted with aristocratic life he strays from what his family considers proper as he tries to defend the poor families in his community from the hardships that come their way.

My Thoughts: After watching the new BBC television series, I was delighted to find out there was a book series as well. This is a very interesting historical fiction. There is political and social drama as Ross clashes with both society and the government at times. This story is not just about Ross but also the people he employs and his extended family. After reading this first book I am very excited to continue on with the series and see what drama unfolds next.

Rating: 4/5

What do you think of all these books? Have you started any of these series? I'm very excited to continue on with all of these. Happy Reading! 

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