Friday, November 6, 2015

Review - Demelza by Winston Graham

Demelza (Poldark, #2)

Series: The Poldark Saga #2
Genre: Historical Fiction
Published: Pan Macmillan (1946)
Paperback – 538pgs
Source: Purchased

Rating: 4/5

Demelza Carne, the impoverished miner's daughter Ross Poldark rescued from a fairground rabble, is now his wife. But the events of these turbulent years test their marriage and their love.

Demelza's efforts to adapt to the ways of the gentry - and her husband - bring her confusion and heartache, despite her joy in the birth of their first child. Ross begins a bitter struggle for the rights of the mining communities - and sows the seed of an enduring enmity with powerful George Warleggan.

Returning to Cornwall, England and the Poldark family was fabulous. This series combines a bit of everything to make a very captivating story and picture of English country living in the late 1700's. There is romance, family feuds, heartbreak murder and dangerous fever within this novel. Of course, the business ventures are always a possible risk to ruin Ross's future as well.

There are a lot of plot lines within this series so far, but they are well managed and keep the story moving. I am deeply invested in all the characters and I really enjoy reading about the lives of everyone in this community. We meet everyone from the aristocracy to the miners’ families. Some of the language is rough and the dialect can be a bit difficult to understand. I had to read some passages twice to get a firm grip on what the characters were saying.

This is truly Demelza's book from the first page. At the beginning of the series she was a young vagabond, but Demelza has grown into a beautiful lady. She is learning the ways of the landed gentry and the ways of Ross Poldark, which are entirely different as you may remember from book one. She grow, learns and changes, but does not lose her essential character. Her character growth is tremendous throughout this book and she continues to try to help those she loves, but even the best intentions can have dire consequences.

Quick Thoughts: Overall I thought this was a more emotional book. There are many happy moments but the tone is heavier. More is on the line and the characters are all struggling in different ways. The writing is fast paced and very addictive. I have a hard time putting these books down and I’m anxious to get my hands on book three. 

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