Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Favorites

This has been a month absolutely full of favorite things! I discovered new things and rediscovered old things that I love. Also after putting together this list, I realized this month has been appropriately dark. It has been fantastic. What are your favorites for the month?

Book Favorite:
When A Madness so Discreet arrived at my house, I couldn't ignore it. I was so drawn to this book and I read through it in a just a few days. This book was a great read and it occupied my thoughts even after I finished the book.


Blog/Video Favorite: 
This month I posted a lot of reviews both for #AllHallowsWeek and for my regular Friday reviews. I had a lot of fun reading all these Spooky Reads for October and I was so pumped for Halloween when it finally arrived. Even so, I think my favorite post from this month was :

Top Ten Wishes I'd Ask the Book Genie For.

This post was so much fun to think about and I enjoyed reading everyone else's ideas. This was a Top Ten Tuesday post and so many other bloggers had great ideas for wishes!

Music Favorite:

Life Favorite:

This month my life favorite is RUNNING. After a few months of pushing myself to exercise, I've finally turned running into a hobby as much as a exercise. I can run a mile in under 10 minutes and I really enjoy doing it. I am as surprised as you that this has come about! 

Movie Favorite:
I loved the book so I had to go see the movie on opening weekend. It was amazing and I want to see it again! If you need more convincing check out my post reviewing the adaptation!

TV Favorite:
This show is so crazy. I cannot stop watching it because every episode is unpredictable and out there! I thought the whole show was about aliens but it has a lot more going on.

 Video Game Favorite:
I haven't played video games in a few months. I love games, but I've been more focused on blogging, reading and binging my favorite TV shows than playing games. However I am really into Dishonored for PS4 right now. I've played this game of PS3 before but I'm enjoying play it on the new system too.

Random Favorite:
Throughout October I've been listening to one of The Great Courses that are available one Audible. Since graduating college, I've missing the classroom/lecture part of college especially my history classes. Most of them are over 24 hours of lectures and I am really enjoying the one I'm listening to about the American Civil War.

It was a fantastic month! Happy Reading!

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