Friday, February 28, 2014

Bookish Five Friday(16) - Books I Read Without a Description

This week I want to focus on the books I picked up without knowing what they were about. These are books that I've read based on knowing a few snippets about and recommendations from people. Most of these were all the better because it made the book even more surprising and interesting for me to read! I actually prefer to read books with as little description as possible because I tend to guess what will happen if I'm given too much information.

5) Game of Thrones by George RR. Martin - I read the first book before the TV series was released so I went into the book mostly blind. I knew it was high fantasy and a lot of people love it. I thought it was fun to have no expectations about the world, the characters or anything especially because I think knowing anything would have distracted me from the many details within this book.

4) Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake - This is a sequel so you may be asking: how did she read that blindly? I had no idea how the story was going to continue. I ended up being very pleased and it was so much fun. I was so surprised with how the story went and how much the world was expanded (even though this is only a two part series). This made me love book one even more and I am so sad there won't be more books.

3) Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan - My experience buying the first three books of this series went as follows: My best friend and I were out shopping. She told me she had bought the first book and loved it and we proceeded to go into a book store where I picked them up. I started casually reading when I went home and never put it down. I've always loved Greek mythology and this book appealed to me so much. It was a lot of fun going in without any clue of who Percy was or why this was happening to him. I read all three that week and the next weekend purchased the final two in the series.

2) Shatter Me by Tehareh Mafi - I knew the basic premise of this book, but I had avoided hearing any details about the characters and especially about Team Adam and Team Warner up until I read this book. I was totally engrossed by the story and the characters because I had no prior exposure to them. I don't think I've devoured a series so fast since Percy Jackson.

1) The 5th Wave by Rich Yancey - I bought this book last summer because I had heard so many people that it was amazing. The basic concept that a girl was the sole survivor of an alien invasion captured my interest and I diligently avoided hearing too much about this story until I could read it. I've said before I ignored my family on a family vacation because of this book and its completely true. The story totally captured my attention and I would recommend going into this book with as little knowledge as possible. It just makes everything better.

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