Sunday, November 23, 2014

Five Reasons to Check Out the Library

One of my favorite places in the world is my local library. You may know this because of my many library hauls where I talk about all the amazing books I've picked up recently. (1, 2, 3, 4) I love to visit and spend time there and everything about it I find relaxing and wonderful.  Recently though I was talking to someone who mentioned they don't like the library. I was shocked and confused! Not like libraries! So I thought I'd make a quick list of reasons why you should check out the library. 


1) Books are Free - 

Of course, for most people, this is the largest draw of a library. Books are free to borrow and read. Libraries are a great resource for any book lover and have a wide variety of titles and genres for all ages.

Personally, I get an itch to go book shopping every few weeks. I find browsing a library kills that desire which saves me some money. Not only can I discover new books, but I try out a book before I decide if I want to buy it. Sometimes I sit and read the first few chapters just to try out a book before I take it along with me. Plus libraries have a great atmosphere for readers to browse. I like to browse bookstores, but there is always pressure (and desire) to buy while I find libraries much more cathartic and relaxing.

Find your local library:

2) Apps Make it Easy:  

Overdrive is a really wonderful app that lets you borrow titles through the app. Most libraries are affiliated with the app and it features both audiobooks and ebooks. I love to use this app when I'm not in the mood for anything I own. I can quickly browse through the available titles and borrow something that appeals to me or put something on hold for later. Plus listening to books on my phone is more portable than putting CDs in my computer or car. You can also use Overdrive on your computer as well if you don't have a smart phone. I absolutely love this option because I don't even have to leave my house to use it which is great now when the weather is horribly cold.

3) Libraries offer more than books - 

Audiobooks, CDs, movies, magazines and much more are available at the library. They also have computers that patrons can use as well as many free services.

He is running to the library
They have book sales, events of all kinds and offer many services to the community. Librarians are rather wonderful people and I am jealous of their knowledge and expertise. Last time I was at the library the ladies were helping people fill out passport applications and the time before that there was resume help. There are also often programs for kids that include homework help, special events and programs. There are computers to use, databases to explore and of course so many books to read. While searching for services on my library's website, I have learned about so many more. 

4) Supporting libraries feels good - 

I try to give something every time I go to the library. Obviously this isn't possible for everyone, but I like to support the library I go to and have the means to do so. There are other ways to support the library. Going to events, purchasing books at book sales, and using their services are all ways to support the library. This is especially important now when budgets are still being cut in some area..

5) Librarians and Library Patrons are Nice! - 

Whenever I go to library, I meet other book lovers and being around bookish people is very nice. I love it and its a great way to find and talk about new books!


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