Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April Favorites (2016)

This past month has been a bit strange for me. I've been really busy so I feel like I haven't had time to develop any new favorite things. So forgive me if this month it a bit slim. I've been participating in a walking challenge at work so I've been doing a lot of walking and running rather than reading (also because reading slump) or watching things.

Book Favorite:

You know what is coming. If you've ever met me or spent any time on my blog, you know what book was my favorite in April. It was going to be this book in almost any circumstance because I was going to read this book as soon as it was released!

The Raven King (The Raven Cycle, #4)

I made way for The Raven King and read it on Kindle within the first two days it came out. I am still waiting on my physical copy though. Anyway The Raven King is here and reading it was a glorious treat. I loved every moment. 

Blog/Video Favorites:

This month the favorite video I posted was my Top Five Wednesday about Intimidating Books. It was fun to make. Also my thumbnail was hilarious to me. 

Life Favorite:

Sunday Afternoons - This might sound like a silly favorite, but lately my weekend have been pretty much full. I'm preparing for a wedding and two graduations. These are important events, but when added to the normal craziness of April/May it is overwhelming me. So lately I've been trying to relax on Sunday afternoons. Naps are also nice.

Booktuber Favorite:

This month my favorite booktuber was Elizabeth from Books and Pieces. Recently she finished her dissertation and has promised more content! I am super excited about this. She features a lot of science-fiction and fantasy with amazing commentary and witticism.

 Music Favorite: 

I cannot name a specific artist or album this month. It is one of my playlists. I listened to this playlist so much in April I can't stand the music on it anymore. I played this playlist to death so now I need to try to make another play list full of music I love as much as this stuff. It will be tough!

That's it.

Next month will be better. I hope! I guess this month was just a struggle for everything. I didn't watch a lot of shows or do a lot of crazy things. This month was quiet but busy so next month will be full and crazy. Yikes, right?

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