Thursday, June 30, 2016

An End to the Book Buying Ban

Well folks it is the end of June. I've made it! I worked so hard and got so far and in the end mostly succeeded in my book buying ban for June. Its been tough. There had been many times I was tempted to buy books (as I mentioned on Tuesday) and I mostly turned them down.

However, today is June 30th and I just got the notification for UPS a package will be delivered today. In an effort to save myself some money (B&N was having a sale) I ordered the reward for this success a few days early just before the holiday weekend. My thoughts were July 4th is on Monday so I'll have to wait extra long for it anyway. This will work out just fine.

My reward, if you didn't know, was Hamiltome. The giant book about Hamilton (the musical). Ah and UPS thinks they are doing me favor because they are delivering it while they are in my area today.

Argh the irony!!

I am not going to beat myself up over the fact it will be delivered in June though. I think I've done a great job this month resisting the call of books. The floodgates may open in July but I'm going to try to keep the buying to a minimum. It has gotten out of control these past few years and I want to read the books on my shelves not just look at them.

If you are thinking about going on a book buying ban, I recommend it. I've never done one before and had an interesting (and dramatic) month resisting book sales and ordering books.

A few tips!

1) Set a specific amount of time - I see people put themselves on bans "for the foreseeable future" and know they are going to fail. Eventually you will buy books again.

2) Don't worry if you fail - Obviously I failed a little bit, but overall things were successful! I bought less books than I normally would in June.

3) Outline a specific reason you want to book ban - My ultimate goal was to read more books than I bought this month. Maybe you want to set a goal amount to save before you buy your next book or read a certain number of books before you purchase again. Whatever you decide! Its up to you!

That's it! Let me know how your book buying bans have gone in the past! Happy Reading!

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