Friday, July 15, 2016

Review - Blameless by Gail Carriger

Blameless (Parasol Protectorate #3)

Series: Parasol Protectorate #3
Genre: Historical Fiction/Paranormal
Age Group: New Adult/Adult
Paperback- 320 pgs
Published - September 2010

Rating: 4/5

*Quick Warning - Don't read this description unless you've finished book two**

Quitting her husband's house and moving back in with her horrible family, Lady Maccon becomes the scandal of the London season. Queen Victoria dismisses her from the Shadow Council and the only person who can explain anything, Lord Akeldama, unexpectedly leaves town. To top it all, Alexia is attacked by homicidal mechanical ladybugs.

At the end of book two I needed Blameless so badly! I think that is the general consensus of people who read these books. As soon as I got home I picked up this baby and started reading. Alexia forges on after the events of book two and we must as well. Armed with only her wit and her few friends Alexia takes on the world. Literally. We travel abroad in this novel and continue to broaden our knowledge of how the supernatural works within the series. 
Gail Carriger's series continues to be funny, witty and well written. I like the adventure and the new characters that keep appearing. There is a bit of everything within this series. There is historical romances, paranormal and a little urban fantasy mixed in. At this point I am very anxious to find out more about Alexia father's past. He seems like a rather interesting gentleman and overall I would like to see the series move a little faster.

This book dragged a little compared to the other two but I still enjoyed it. At the end things worked out a little too easily for my liking. I wanted a little more tension, but overall liked the outcome. Like vs love is the theme with this installment. I like everything that happened, but found it a little sluggish compared to books one and two so I didn't love it. I continue to recommend it and after a short break am ready to continue on with this series!

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