Friday, July 8, 2016

Vacation Reading!

Hello Bookish Friends!

I've been quite scarce here for a couple of weeks. Things have been quite hectic IRL so the blog always suffers for that. Tomorrow I leave for a long awaited beach getaway and plan to read as much as I can during the upcoming week. Posts will continue. I'm working on getting a few things schedule for when I am away and hope to do some working while I'm relaxing. (at least blog working is also fun working)

Fear not! I am leaving you with a post heavy day today and hopefully will be back to the regular schedule on Monday (possibly next Monday) depending on how motivated I am over the next few days. Combine the hectic work week with vacation prep and feeling under the weather. Now you see my past week or so. 

Ah anyway what I am leading up to is video about what I'll be reading on vacation. I will be leaving tomorrow morning so if you have any suggestions for beach reading send them my way. I am always willing to change my beach TBR at last minute.

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