Sunday, July 24, 2016

Coffee Break #3

Coffee Break is a feature I started to talk about upcoming releases I'm excited for, blogs posts I'm currently reading, Booktube videos I'm watching and a general life update. July has been another busy month. I just returned from vacation and next weekend I'm going beach camping. This the second annual beach camping adventure and I'm hoping this will turn into an annual thing because it is so much fun.

Anyway since I take much longer breaks in between these posts than I was expecting, I think I'll start featuring whatever releases are next on my list of anticipated releases. Rather than just random releases that come out the week I make the post, I'll feature a upcoming release I'm excited about. 

Upcoming Releases

There are two releases I'm very excited about coming out between now and the end of July. First is Harry Potter and the Curse Child. I'm excited to read this story and check out the play format. It sounds like a really interesting addition to the series and I can't wait to jump back into the Harry Potter world. Next is Fruits Baskets Collector's Edition Vol. 3. I found out about these just a few days before the first volume came out. I'm just so pleased I'll finally be able to have this manga series on my shelves.


Blog Posts

This post was exactly what I needed this week. I actually read it several times this week. Like I mentioned at the beginning, I just returned from vacation. I was with my family at the beach and it was lovely. I barely touched social media or news outlets. I was basically unplugged and it rested my soul. However, coming back from that vacation has been very hard. After the many many heavy and difficult things that have happened in the world, it was comforting to know others are struggling to comprehend and take it all in. 

This post resonated with me deep in my core. I want to support diversity in literature and especially in YA and Children's books. While I didn't have AJ kind of experience, I also was ignorant of the lack on diversity until I was well into my teens. AJ's points are important and I found her post very relatable. I hope in the future I can support the Diverse Books movement even more.

Booktube Videos


Both of these videos were fun to watch and thoughtful. While Jesse's audiobook video slowly develoves into silliness, he still helped me think of new things to do while listening to an audiobook. While Elizabeth's video made me think even more about star ratings and how they effect my view of a book even if reviews provide much more critical analysis than just the stars. 

Let me know what upcoming releases you are excited for and the blog posts you've liked this week.

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