Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ten Facts About Me

This week on Top Ten Tuesday the hosts from Broke and the Bookish have taken the focus off books in an effort to get to know the bloggers! So these are ten facts about me!

1) As you are reading this I'm on my summer vacation to the beach! I adore the beach and reading at the beach is my favorite form of relaxation. In fact I'm finishing this post as I sit on the deck drinking my morning coffee.

2) I love lemonade combined with iced tea drinks - It has been a true obsession this summer. I can't stop drinking these sweet concoctions.

3) At the end of July I will hit my four year blogiversary! - For the first couple of years I wasn't very consistent, but this blog started four years ago while just blows my mind! I cannot believe it's been so long.

4) Right now I'm obsessed with Litsy and Snapchat - My app and social media favorites change every few weeks. Right now these two are taking over my life (as well as Pokemon Go)

5) I have a really big extended family. - My mom is one of five and my dad is one of six. So both sides of my family are huge! I never realized this wasn't the norm until I was in high school. I just though everyone's families were enormous.

6) I take my coffee with hazelnut creamer. - No sugar please. (Just realized two of these 10 facts are about drinks. I do love drinks. I have a small mug collection and carry several bottles of stuff to work everyday! It is a terrible habit. Haha!)

7) I've traveled abroad twice. - I went to Europe during high school for three weeks and to Northern Ireland for 10 days while I was in college. Both experiences were incredible and I hope I can go again as an adult.

8) I donated four big bags and two boxes of books to book sales and libraries this year to try and reduce my TBR pile. - Sadly, it didn't help as much as I hoped. I got rid of a lot of books I had already taken off and separated as books I didn't think I would read. So really I only reduced my TBR by like 30 books and I could easily buy that many again!

9) I love dogs - I have a black lab named Molly who I miss terribly on vacation.

10) I've discovered my favorite books involve fantasy elements, steampunk elements and the Victorian era. - If you know of any great ones, send the suggestions my way! I've always known I like these elements alone, but recently I cannot get enough of them together.

That's it! Enjoy these few facts about me and let me know where to find you! 

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