Wednesday, January 20, 2016

T5W- Favorite Buzz Words

This week the Top Five Wednesday topic is one I'm very excited for. Buzz words are interesting to talk about and I love to see what gets others excited for books. These are a few words that instantly peak my interest when I'm reading the description of a book.

1) Thieves/Pirates/Assassins - So I was going to count these as different buzz words, but they all come down to the same thing. I love criminals with a conscious. Give me a criminal living by their own life code and I am lost. In most cases I'll defend them to the death.

2) Retelling - Any type of retelling will catch my eye. Fairytale retellings, Jane Austen retellings or any classic retelling always seem interesting to me! I'm always pulled in.

3) Magic - This is such a generic one, but it still works. One of the first words I pick up on in a description is magic or fantasy. These are the words that draw me into a story or make me purchase a book.

4) Victorian England - A setting in Victorian England or a similar sounding world will make me add a book to my wishlist very quickly. I love this time period, both learning about it historically and exploring it in fiction. It fascinates me and I love books set in fantasy worlds with a similar feel.

5) Steampunk mixed with Magic - This is a fascinating combination to me. I haven't heard about too many books that combine technology and magic so when I do pick up on some buzz about a book that has both I get very excited.

Some of my other favorite buzz words are featured in this video where I talk about buzz words and which ones are most appealing to me. 

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