Sunday, April 17, 2016

Author-a-thon TBR

This week there is a new readathon happening! The Author-a-thon is centered around authors that you want to read or really enjoyed. I'm anxious to check out this readathon and try to read as much as possible. The event runs from April 18th through the 24th!

So I will try to find a replacement for the author from another continent! Whoops! That was a mistake on my part.  Please let me know if you are participating because I want to check out your TBR and updates! 

Joana's Annoucement:
Sam's Annoucement:

Author-a-thon Twitter-

1- Read a book by one of your favorite authors
2- Read a new-to-you author
3- Give an author a second chance
4- Read a debut author (2015 or 2016)
5- Read a book written by more than one author
6- Read a book from an author who is from a different continent than you are

Happy Reading! Check out my updates on Twitter!

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