Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Top Ten(+) Bookish People on Social Media

There was absolutely no way to scale this list down to just ten people. I could do ten for each social media platform and I wanted to touch on them all! While I tried to mention mostly non-authors, many did sneak in especially in the Twitter section!

Also if you are interested in following me on any of my social media, it is all linked on the sidebar or right here!



Jen Campbell - Jen has a wonderful channel full of discussions, tags and recommendations. She runs a bookshop and is an author! I love her videos and she makes me think during every video. She takes on really interesting topics too and features really interesting unique books. (Website)

Misty (thebookrat) - Mist was the first booktuber I followed way back in the day. She has a ton of interesting Book Chats, her book hauls are always enormous and she has a wide variety of recommendations from graphic novels to Jane Austen to fantasy. Her channel is awesome. (Blog)


Elizabeth (Books and Pieces) - I love Elizabeth's channel! I hardly read anything she does. We don't always agree on books, but I always find her commentary and insight interesting. I love her videos and find the books she talks about interesting and I have found some gems because of her channel. She has a great feminist view of things and finds great books about lady power. Highly recommend! (Blog) 

Sam (Novels and Nonsense) - Sam's videos are hilarious and she reminds me of myself! She does a lot of cool original content like author highlight videos, where she features the works of her favorite authors, and author facts videos where she tells you interesting facts about classic authors. She talks about fantasy a lot and and she has great book taste. (Twitter)


Sam (Thoughts on Tomes) - Another fantastic youtube Sam! This Sam also talks about fantasy and young adult books a lot. She loves the Grisha Trilogy, does fantastic discussions and keeps it real about fangirling. I love her channel and her videos are a must watch for me!

Rhianna (Little Library) - I've only been following Rhianna for a few months but I love her videos. She sings and write original songs and poetry too both of which are lovely. I really enjoy all her content and we enjoy a lot of the same books (Goodreads)

This is the section where the authors are prominent.

Eric Smith (@ericsmithrocks) - If you like books and corgi's, Eric is the twitter account for you. He is also an author and a literary agent. He tweets about a lot of up and coming authors as well as amazing books he is reading. 

Rachel Hawkins (@LadyHawkins) - On the daily Rachel lifts my spirits with social commentary and cats. I love her tweets and her books! 

Margot Wood (@morgotwood) - Her title on Twitter is "Mistress of Ceremonies over at @EpicReads and Professional Fauxtographer on the side. Donuts are life." How can you resist that description? Also Margot is hilarious and Epic Reads is epic. (Instagram) 

Julie (@DailyJulianne) - A constant voice for underrepresented fiction. A champion for diversifying books! Julie manages a twitter account that exposes me to new ideas (and new sources of outrage) all the time. I love how she makes me think using only 140 characters. 

Shannon (@leaninglights)- Shannon is also a Youtuber and runs a readathon called #TBRTakedown. I love her twitter most of all though. She is a creative and lovely lady who I love to get book recommendations from! (Youtube)

V.E. Schwab (@veschwab) - Some authors feel like friends on social media. Victoria Schwab is a great example. She constantly recommends books and other authors while being real about her struggles with life. I love her twitter and her books in equal amounts. Plus she runs great giveaways and has an amazing instagram! 

Etsy Shops

Novelly Yours: Brittany has a lovely shop full of bookish candles. I've wanted to order one for ages, but can never decide which one (or five!) I want the most. She describes her shop like this:
"Novelly Yours creates soy candles with scents inspired by books! Each candle is hand-poured from all-natural soy wax and inspired by characters, places, and passages from your favorite books!"

Who to Follow on All Platforms

Sanne (Books and Quills) - I have been follow Sanne for years! Originally just on booktube (her videos feature really beautiful books) then on Twitter, Goodreads and Snapchat too. Sanne currently lives in London so her snaps and videos are full of amazing scenes and she does travel vlogs as well.

Jamie (Perpetual Page Turner) - Jamie is probably someone who goes without mentioning. She is one of the cocontributers to Broke and the Bookish, but she also has her own blog and youtube channel. Her instagrams are adorable and posts are a fantastic must read. She keeps things fresh and interesting even among the many blogs I read.

Maggie Stiefvater - If you follow Maggie on one platform, you get almost all the content across all her platforms. She shares across Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr (her posts here are book, car and music related). She has a great website and I love her wickedly funny way of answering questions. Plus she shares Raven Cycle tidbits so go follow now!
Website - Tumblr - Twitter - Facebook

Kayley Hyde - I've been following Kayley for several years and she's been on Youtube for a long time. I love her channel, her twitter commentary and her tumblr. Again I highly recommend! 


Happy Reading!!

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