Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Coffee Break - Kickoff!

Normally on a Sunday I kick back and read a lot of blog posts and drink a lot of coffee. This is the time in my week I set aside to relax, read some good content and savor my cups of coffee. So in honor of my tradition and to spread the love around the blogging world a little more, I have a new post to introduce you to!

Each week I'll be featuring one or two blog posts (and/or a Booktube video) I have enjoyed recently mostly from the week before. My plan is to vary this as much as possible and, hopefully, start reading even more blogs the process. If you are a blogger or a vlogger, let me know! I'd love to check out your posts and possibly feature them here as part of this series.

Along with the blog posts I'll be featuring a book that will be released in the upcoming week. You may notice my timing is quite convenient this week. If you don't know my most anticipated release of this year is coming out on Tuesday. I'm also excited to work on this part of the post to keep myself informed about what books are coming out and to hopefully promote some titles that are not as well known. So it will be a mix of popular releases and lesser known titles.

I'm really excited to kick off this post. I've been thinking about it for ages and finally figured out some of the logistics of making it. Most of them will not be this long and I doubt I will be able to post one every week especially at first. We will see where the blog posts take us!

Recent Blog Posts:

Recently there were two posts that really caught my attention. 

This post describes my life to a T. I've been struggling with a reading slump because I am a mood reader and nothing was working for me. I love this post! 

Upcoming Book Release:

Its finally here! The Raven King is here! Or at least it will be here very very soon! I can't wait for this book to arrive and I am also so frightened of all the feels I am about to feel. 

Because this is the final book in a series, I won't include a description this week. Normally I'll try to include a little more information about the book or series. This week though it is all too exciting!

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