Monday, April 18, 2016

Read What You Want!

As you may guess, I think about reading a lot and I think about books a lot. I run this blog so obviously I have a big interest in books. However, this (waves hand at screen) can also put a level of stress on me I never expected when I started this as a hobby. I've mentioned it before but I still feel like I need to remind myself at this moment of a few things.

Reading is My Hobby 

No matter what happens in life I should be reading the books I really want to read. Sometimes I get too wrapped up in what other people are reading or what the latest release is instead of just picking up the book I want to read at this moment in time. It turns into me reading 10 books I kind of want to read all at the same time and going into a massive reading slump. Even when I make goal lists for myself, it usually doesn't work out because they aren't the books I want to read right at the moment. Being a mood reader is tough but I can read what I want when I want even if I feel outside pressure to do otherwise.

Reading 100 Books Isn't a Requirement

For the past few years my yearly reading goals have been at least 100 books. This year my goal is 75, but I've already hit 30. I don't need to rush through books! I'm already reading above the national average of six books per year!
One of my good friends was so impressed that I read so much. She can't remember if she finished a book in the past year which simply amazed me! I can't imagine not reading a book for pleasure for an entire year. However, I can slow down my reading speed! Its ok and I don't need to hit 100 books every year. Take the pressure off myself as much as possible!

Have Fun!!

This is probably the most essential but least thought about part of reading for me. I'm always having fun when I'm around books. When I'm at a book store, the library or even in my own room, I'm always happy to be around books. However when I'm reading I need to remember it isn't just about reviews and blogging. I'm reading just for fun and to enjoy the story.

Honestly I need to remind myself of these things every once and a while. Getting wrapped up in blogging and the pressures of booktube can be too easy. What are your tips and tricks to get rid of that reading pressure? Let me know!

Happy Reading!

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