Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Surviving the Last Week Before The Raven King Release: A Guide by Me

There is only a week left until The Raven King release! 

Who else is losing their mind a little bit? I've had this book preordered for OVER a year and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I know everyone is excited. I just cannot handle my excitement!

That being said, this week is the most perilous week of my life. There are wild copies of The Raven King in the world and there is still at least a full week until mine ships from Foutain Books (where you can get a signed copy and bookplate!). To say I am cautious while flitting around online right now is the understatement of the year. So what will I be doing while avoiding the internet from Friday (probably today) forward?


-Firstly, I'll be carefully watching for a shipping notification! I doubt Fountain will ship books early, but I will be watching my email so I can watch my book every step of the way!

-Secondly I'll be stocking up on tissues because the flood gates will open next week.

And I'll be doing a few other things:

Pining Pitifully over the Novelly Yours Candles from Brittany on Etsy - I've wanted to get a set of these candles for AGES and right now I don't have the extra bucks to spend on them. If you've purchased anything for Brittany, I'm so jealous of how your house smells right now. Check her shop out!

Also Pining Pitifully over the book wraps from Meg Makes Things - Meg is having an RIP Gansey sale and, though I just mentioned I don't have much extra money, I might NEED to buy her set of book wraps because I love them. Since I know I'll end up with two copies of The Raven King (going to a tour stop! - more on that later) I might as well get a whole second set of covers for my favorite series!

Planning My Trip to MEET Maggie Stiefvater (Check out the link to see if her Raven King Tour stops near you) - Guys I'm too excited about this trip. Two of my friends have agreed to travel to NYC with me to see Maggie! I am also really nervous because I am an awkward little worm and might try to escape the bookstore before meeting her! Hopefully I don't actually do that! I will keep you updated when we go in May.

What else will I be doing this week while I wait? 

Waiting patiently! I have an ebook pre-ordered and may stay up all night to start this book. I am too excited to read this one! How are you surviving the wait? Please no spoilers in the comments. I'll cry a lot. 

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