Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book Jar of 2014

My book jar has failed me I have failed my book jar so many times because I just never remember to pick a title out of it or pick something I dislike. I just never go through with what I pick out of the jar. So I've stopped picking books from the jar over the past six months or so. I gave up on it. It sat on my shelf as a display item rather than something I actually used.

Recently I saw Marlin's video about putting numbers in the jar instead of titles. Therefore, I've decided to try this approach out to see if it works any better for me. I think this might help me because I will pick a number from the jar and look it up on Goodreads to see which book it is. This way I'll see reviews and ratings to encourage me to read the book and it reminds me how many unread books I own.... So far its been working well. I've already started reading the two books I picked out a few days ago and haven't given up on them yet (which I usually do).

I have an Owned to Read shelf on Goodreads and I've put number 1- 65 into the jar. I have over 150 unread books, but I've only used 65 number so that I will read some of the books that I've owned the longest but haven't picked up yet.


So at the end of this month I picked out numbers 4 and numbers 37. Number 4 on my list was Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty. Since this is a large non-fiction book, I also picked out a second number so I could balance fiction and non-fiction. Number 37 was Peter and the Secrets of Rundoon. These are both rather large books but I am excited to read both of them. 

So my goal this year is to reduce this shelf to less than 100 books so hopefully I'll be picking numbers out of this jar often and reading more of the books I already own. 

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