Friday, January 10, 2014

Bookish Five Fridays (9) - Ways to Find Out About New Books

I love to find out about new books even if I don't end up buying them to read or even looking into them farther. Sometimes just hearing a good synopsis will remind me of a book I have and inspire me to pick it up. Of course most of the time finding about about new titles often just leads me to buying more books. These are my top five favorite ways to find out about new books.

1) Booktube - Youtube is full of amazing people who will talk about books all day. They do book reviews, book hauls, wrap up videos, tags and discussion videos. I love to listen to these guys and girls talk about the new books they've discovered. Here are some links to my favorite channels: Ariel Bissett,  Katytastic ,BookRatMistyElizziebooksBookables, and Marlinelina

2) Blogs - Of course, I love to read blogs as well. People around the world share what books they are reading on blogs as simple as tumblr or as complex as their own site. Reading reviews or discussions can be a great way to find out about new books.

3) Goodreads/Booklikes - These are two sites I know about that contain some of the most complete information about a book that you can find. Need to know which book comes next in a series or if a book is part of a series? Check out these sites and they will tell you where a book fits in and show you some reviews about it as well as give you recommendations based on what you've read.

4) Shopping - Either in store or online, you can find new books by simply browsing. I can spend hours searching a new website for books or kill thirty minutes in a bookstore. I like to look around used book shops as well. They often have really good prices and a lot of times you can find something you've never heard of.

5) Friends - I have several friends who will talk books with me. I love to get recommendations from my friends because they know what I like and they are a lot better at pitching a book to me than a synopsis online.

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