Friday, January 3, 2014

My Reading Goals for 2014

I don't really do resolution, but I think goals are different than resolutions. I set goals every year about reading and other hobbies. Last year I think I did really well. I set a goal to read 75 books and I ended up at 105! This year my goals are a little more ambitious and more specific.

1) Read 100 Books - Last year I read 105 so this might seem easy. However, 27 books were graphic novels/manga books. I want that number to decrease and I want to read 100 novels this year. 

2) Reduce my TBR pile - I think I have something like 150 unread books in my possession. I want to reduce that number. So I need to buy fewer books and read more of the ones I have before buying any more. My goal is to get that under 100 but I'm unsure how long my book buying will stay reduced (not very long considering I'm already waiting on a package) 

3) Finish 10 Series - I want to finish or catch up on 10 series that I have already started. I struggle to keep reading series. I just continue to start them so this year I want to finish something! 

4) Experiment with Marathoning - I have always tried to split up my series and read books in between so I could stretch them out. This year I want to marathon some series and see how it works for me! 

5) Read 5 Non-Fiction Books-  I graduated college with a BA in History. I love reading about history and I want to continue to learn even now that I'm out of school. 

6) Listen to 5 audiobooks - I found this year that I really enjoy audiobooks and I want to make an effort to listen to more of them this year. 

7) Read More Diversely - I read a lot of YA Fantasy but this year I want to read different genres within YA and I also want to branch out from YA. 

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