Monday, January 6, 2014

BoutofBooks 9.0 - Day #1 Update

At this point I am 22.5 hours into this event and I am exhausted but pleased. I feel like I read a lot today and I took every opportunity to read and I'm very glad I did. I managed to read  two Sherlock Holmes stories which doesn't make a huge dent in the 1000 page book, but I find it easier to read when I read it in chunks.

Today I read: 
- Two Sherlock Holmes Stories (30pgs) 
- Continued Reading Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead - which I now realize wasn't in my photo of the books I was going to read, but I had only read 10 pages before today. (90pgs) 

Total Pages Today: 120 
Total Pages Overall: 120

My Goals: 
1) Finish 5 books
2) Make progress in the Complete Sherlock Holmes (read 10 stories)
3) Don't start any more books until I am finished with at least two of these because all 5 of these are started and I need to finish something!

I also participated in a challenge from BoutofBooks. The challenge includes a giveaway and can be found here. I thought this was fun and the contents of my cart was as follows:


Tomorrow I'll try to make the update a little prettier. Tonight I am too exhausted.

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