Friday, January 17, 2014

Bookish Five Fridays (10) - Most Anticipated Releases 2014

I'm a little behind, but these are my most anticipated releases of 2014! These are not in any particular order. I am just excited for all of them. Happy Friday!

1) Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Lani Taylor 
Book Three in Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series 
I've only read the first book in this series, but I bought the second immediately after I read this book because the writing style and the story were so amazing.  I am dying to get my hands on this one!

Expected Publication: April 18th 2014


2) Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
I have a confession. I'm afraid of monkeys and its all because of The Wizard of Oz. The monkeys freaked me out. Even so I am so excited for this book because it sounds so awesome. I've been in love with the musical Wicked for years and this sounds like it will be down a similar vein. This plot sounds really cool and I've heard people saying some really good things about it. I can't wait to check it out. It is already preordered!

Expected Publication: April 1, 2014

3) Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo 
Book Three in the Grisha Trilogy 
I loved the first book and need to pick up book two. I'm hoping to read this book as soon as it comes out. I've heard nothing but good things about the second book, Siege and Storm, so I'm sure this will be amazing as well.

Expected Publication: June 3, 2014

4) The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan 
Book Five in the Hero's of Olympus Series 

I'm about a quarter of the way through The House of Hades and I'm trying to stretch it out because I love this series (especially Percy Jackson) so much that I know waiting for the next book is going to kill me! I'm so excited to see what happens in the wrap up to this amazing series.

Expected Publication: October 14, 2014

5) The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey 
Book Two in the 5th Wave Series

Of course after reading The 5th Wave last year, I am so excited to see where Rick Yancey is going to take this series. I was blown away by the first book and I cannot wait for more! I didn't even know this was a series when I read book one so knowing now that there is more to this story and world is so exciting!

Expected Release: September 16th, 2014

Honorable Mention: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
Book Six in the Mortal Instruments 
This is an honorable mention only because even though I love these books, I feel like I've been waiting for this book for forever! My excitement is actually down because I've been waiting so long. Even so, I am definitely going to preorder this book and I'll be reading it as soon as it comes out.

Expected Release: May 27, 2014

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